Professional Marketing Grant Writing

We have raised over £30 million in funding


We can help plant your seeds to grow your business by our profession grant application writing service.  

We can develop your plans, prepare all evidence and submit profession grant applications.

We have experience of Government Grants and European Funding.  Let your dreams flourish!

Grant and Funding Applications

Superior grant and funding development that Showcase and Grows Your Business

Let us help you cut through the jargon and develop a compelling grant proposal, grant research and application.  We have experience of working with charities, non-profit organisations, profit organisations and start-up businesses globally. I’ve been in this field over the years and know what it takes to win grants. 

Our Process

From idea to application, let us help your project flourish

1. Establish Your Roots

First, we arrange a consultation and find out your funding goals. Whether you are looking for quick growth or a long-term plan to cultivate best business outcomes, we've got you covered.

2. Plant the Seed

Next, we will get started planting the seeds of the grant, complete any research and determine how big a pot is required to grow your project to its fullest potential.

3. Tend To Your Garden

We will then help develop your grant application, lease with funders and ensure you have a compelling proposal to submit

Health Check

Once the grant has been awarded we can project your grant complete all the compliance, funding paperwork, criteria and end of project reports.

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